Thank You Tim!

The ICAO Project Coordinator in Namibia, Captain Tim Bull is counting his last days in Namibia as he will soon finish his mission here.


Tim has been a most appreciated Project Coordinator and has managed the Project in a very satisfactory way. This Friday a group of inspectors from the DCA Airworthiness section came to say there thanks and farewell. AW_Tim_02

Daniel delivered a speech and gave Tim flowers…


…and Isak had more appreciative words and a gift.AW_Tim_04

Tims work in Namibia has brought a range of achievements and the proof of that is shown in the result of the recent ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission where Namibia’s score showed a markable progress since the ICAO audit in 2006.

It was so nice to see the Airworthiness Inspectors declaring their appreciation for a work well done.

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2 Responses to Thank You Tim!

  1. Jan Weiss says:

    The appearance of Airworthiness Inspectors to say farewell is a tribute to Captain Tim and everyone’s hard work. Thanks for sharing.

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