The farewell braai…

The ICAO ATS team gathered in Namibia between December 2010 and March 2011. Some of what has happened during that time can be seen here and here.

Now the team is starting to reduce. Yesterday was the last day at work for Fredrik…

…and next Friday is the last day for Tanja and Peter. Yesterday the local calleagues arranged a farewell braai and a lot of people came to say Goodbye to…

Fredrik, Peter and Tanja. ICAO Project coordinator Alfonso in the background.

Peter and Brian

Hendrik and Christine

Wallace, Harry and Brian with Christine in the background.

Deputy Director Tobias

Tanja and air lawyer Peter

Air worthiness expert Maimuna and licensing expert Louise.

Trip authority Kamati and Tanja.

Wallace made a great speech of gratitude…

…for the work of Peter, Fredrik and Tanja.

Johan and Christine

Namibias future – Norbert, Manetti and Kamari.

Fredik, Chrissy and Peter

Fredrik and Hendrik

The real Kamati and Fredrik

Great evening! Thanks everybody!

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