Hoanib 11 – The Hyena den

For our last day at the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp we had a wonderful offer! We were allowed to join the Brown Hyena researcher; Emsie Verwey on her morning visit to a Hyena Den!


We started early that morning…

…stopped to see “Hyena poo”; it is white because Hyena eat bones. There is something else on the picture that is hard to see and we did not spot it at first. It is a…Hoanib_11_03

…Sidewinder snake. My last day in the bush and I see a snake for the first time! I have only seen snakes from the car before. The Sidewinder is poisonous but usually not deadly. Hoanib_11_04

Ahead of us was our target and…Hoanib_11_05

…almost immediately we saw a Hyena. It is one of two cubs being raised here by their mother. These cubs are “teenagers” now and have started walking around finding their own food.Hoanib_11_06

It soon disappeared into one of several dens in this area and…Hoanib_11_07

,,,it was time for us to be still and quiet. I think we did quite well during about one and a half hour. I did not expect to see more, the sun was rising…Hoanib_11_08

…but suddenly he/she (?) was there again!Hoanib_11_09

I never thought I would think so of a Hyena, but this one was cute!Hoanib_11_10

After moving to another den it was out of sight…Hoanib_11_11

…and after a while we walked up to the den!Hoanib_11_12

Somewhere in there is a Hyena!Hoanib_11_13

We looked at the “garbage” outside and it was easy to see what was on the diet;Hoanib_11_14

Oryx, Springbok and Giraffe.Hoanib_11_15

This is the view from a Hyena den close to Hoanib river near Skeleton Coast. It is beautiful, but…Hoanib_11_16

…it was time for us to return to camp…

…to say all the goodbyes. Goodbye Camp Manager Clement, thanks a lot to you and your kind and skilled staff.Hoanib_11_18

And goodbye Emsie, thanks ever so much for this fantastic Hyena experience. Say hi to Flip from us!Hoanib_11_19

And goodbye Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp. We will not forget you…Hoanib_11_20

…and goodbye to our super driver, guide and friend Gert! You really did take good care of us!Hoanib_11_21

We had been here three nights but had experiences like if we had been here for weeks. The final experience was waiting for us – a flight back to Doro Nawas in the Caravan.

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