Tourism – Skeleton Coast

It is a strange name – Skeleon Coast. You want to have a look? Come along (click on head-lines, not on photos!)!

Skeleton coast – 1. Getting there…


Like driving on the moon. Almost a bit scary…

Skeleton coast – 2. Going south


Waves, a lodge and a few animals.

Skeleton coast – 3. Desert wreck


Do you like rust? Here you are…

Skeleton coast – 4. The South West Seal


A fishing trip in 1976 that went wrong.

Skeleton coast – 5. Winston ship wreck


It was 1970 and it was oh, so foggy…

Skeleton coast – 6. Cape Cross

Skeleton_CapeCross.jpgSeals, seals and more seals…

Hoanib 2 – flying to the lodge

2015_Hoanib02In the Wilderness Air C210 from Doro Nawas to Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Hoanib 3 – river bed and sundowner drive


Our first explorations of the Hoanib river bed

Hoanib 4 – morning game drive

2015_Hoanib04Searching for game in the desert

Hoanib 5 – Amspoort


Another beautiful evening in the Hoanib river bed

Hoanib 6 – River bed to the coast


Early morning heading west, with Elephants blocking the road…

Hoanib 7 – The flood plain


Recently the Hoanib river came down in full flood. Look at the result!

Hoanib 8 – Throught the dunes


Huge sand dunes that usually stops the river from reaching the Atlantic. And – dunes are fun!

Hoanib 9 – Skeleton Coast


Water, seals, a museum, a lunch by the see – and a flight over it all!

Hoanib 10 – Mountain hike


Archaeological findings and a grand view from the top of a small mountain

Hoanib 11 – The Hyena den


With Hyena researcher Emsie Verwey on a visit to a Hyena den

Hoanib 12 – Flying back to Doro Nawas


Pictures from a Cessna Caravan

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