Hoanib 2 – flying to the lodge

We were at Doro Nawas and still had a bit to go to get to Hoanib – by air this time:


We departed from Doro Nawas airstrip and headed north…


…having some 45 minutes over a magnificent landscape.


Bernd knows the aircraft and the route well…Hoanib_2_03

…and we could just relax and admire…Hoanib_2_04

…this remarkable part of Namibia…Hoanib_2_05

…from above. All these dry riverbeds.Hoanib_2_06

With a little bit of tailwind and a fast Cessna 210 we had a ground speed of 161 knots!Hoanib_2_07

The landscape below us quickly changed in shape and colour…Hoanib_2_08

…from mountains to flat to mountains, until suddenly…Hoanib_2_09

…in the middle of nowhere we saw a group of buildings, and then…Hoanib_2_10

…the impressive Hoanib River, before…Hoanib_2_11

…turning left to approach the air strip from the north. Can you see it?Hoanib_2_12

Short final with our car waiting to the left.Hoanib_2_13

On ground, unpacking a few small bags and…Hoanib_2_14

…into the waiting Defender for a short drive to…Hoanib_2_15

…this almost unbelievable place. The “tent” closest is the family unit and it would be ours for the coming three nights. Hoanib_2_16

Not bad bor being a tent!?Hoanib_2_17

This is the master bedroom. Hanna’s was about the same size…Hoanib_2_18

…and we knew this was going to be fantastic!

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  2. jocke bruzell says:

    Ja vad skall man säga MAGNIFIKT
    tycker jocke b

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