Hangar talk

Yesterday evening I was on a “hangar talk”. These are nice opportunities to share information and ideas among pilots, controllers and others. West Air showed fine hospitality and made their hangar available.

First speaker was controller Tuli Shinyala who informed about the coming implementation of “Flightplan 2012”. Later on this year there will be a workshop with more detailed information for pilots.

Chief Air Traffic Controller Victor Likando informed about the surveillance project, about what has been achieved and what is yet to come.

Pilots interested in knowing more…

The Deputy Director of DCA, Tobias Günzel, gave information on a technical problem that occurred earlier this week and caused some delays for air traffic.

Finally Peter Berglund and Fredrik Elfström of the ICAO team informed on the plans for airspace changes in the TMA.

After some discussions on airport security the evening ended over a few beers.

We should have more hangar talks!

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