Hoanib 5 – Amspoort


Saturday afternoon and we were back in the car. Our guide helped us spot these very well camouflaged birds (Rüppell’s bustard, I think) while we…Hoanib_5_02

…where able to spot these Oryx ourself!Hoanib_5_03

The Oryx (Gemsbok) is the national antelope of Namibia…Hoanib_5_04

…and a very beautiful animal!Hoanib_5_05

Our car in the river bed as the sun goes low.Hoanib_5_06

If you are lost this kind of sign may cheer you up? Only 47 km in the river bed and you may find a hot/cold shower!Hoanib_5_07

We were driving here because I wanted to see the Amsport (or Amp’s poort) and here it is. A narrow passage for the river…Hoanib_5_08

…and a nice place for us to visit…Hoanib_5_09

…before we continued a bit further. Here we are only a few hundred metres north of the camp. The width of the river bed is impressive…Hoanib_5_10

…as is the wall. Look at the Springboks! It must have been a special sight as the river came down here in full flood.Hoanib_5_11

Sunset and time for…Hoanib_5_12

…a sundowner. After the sun sets it quickly gets dark but in spite of that our guide Gert managed to…Hoanib_5_13

…spot this Brown Hyena! Can you see it? It quickly continued over and behind the mountain and was gone in seconds.Hoanib_5_14

Another fine dinner to end one fantastic Saturday!

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